New machines for industry and agriculture straight from the importer in Nivala

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KK-Machine Oy  imports the products listed below. Our experienced team of professionals is on hand to advise you in making a purchase. Our facilities are located in Nivala but we deliver to the entire country.

Our Range Includes Products from the Following Manufacturers:

Metal-Technik Tytan

We import and sell machines by Metal-Technik Tytan for a variety of purposes. Our range includes front loaders, baskets, propeller mixers, bale tongs, and windrowers.


We stock a range of durable Klapi-Tuiko firewood processors.


Our selection of Talex products includes mowers,  brushes, and small cord crushers.


You can also find an extensive stock of rim weights and bow weights.


We import top-quality Italian chain-, small cord-, and fallow crushers


We import Bomet-brand disk harrows and milling cutters.


We import Hydramet stern plates and work equipment.

Mesko-Rol haymakers

We now stock Mesko-Rol haymakers.